6 Best apps for new iPhone 2018

Best apps for new iPhone

Are you looking for the best apps for your new iPhone that can make your iPhone more functional and more personal? Here you can see the 6 best apps to boost your new iPhone's productivity.

1. Launch Center Pro ( iPhone )- A very useful productivity app that helps you to save your precious time by launching regular tasks such as- email or message someone, search Yelp, add items in OnmiFocus, launch Instagram's camera, create shortcuts for phone calls, safari, search on Google, Twitter etc. A great app to save time, Launch Center Pro supports almost all well-known iOS apps, such as- 1Password 4, Agenda, Begin, Byword, Calendars 5, Fantastical, Clear, Flipboard, Elements, Hueless, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Instagram, Instapaper, Notefile, OmniFocus, PCalc, Perfect Weather, RadarScope, Twitterrific, Tweetbot, Camera+, Mileage Log+, Timer, Screens, Recall, Yelp, Scratch, Nebulous Notes, iTranslate, Hueless, Facebook, Sparrow, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Todo, Call Notes, MyStuff2 Pro etc.

2. Camera+ ( iPhone )- If you are not satisfied with the stock camera app of your new iPhone and looking for a more functional camera app, use Camera+ on your new iPhone. Camera+ is one of the most popular camera apps available on the iOS App Store. With Camera+ you can shoot photos, manage and share with your friends and family, it comes with many useful features like digital Zoom, touch exposure & focus, effects, shooting modes, scene modes, front Flash and more that lets you shoot photos like a pro.

3. Mileage Log+ ( iPhone )- A must-have app, if you want to track mileage for tax deduction. It has a very clean and beautiful ui and many useful features that make it a very useful and full featured mileage tracking app for new iPhone. Of course, you can install it on your old iPhone, too, but it requires iOS 7.0 or later.

4. Tweetbot 4 for Twitter ( iPhone )- If you're looking for a third party twitter app that has clean ui and can be used easily and quickly, use Tweetbot 4 for Twitter on your iPhone. This is a very stable and a full featured twitter app that has all the expected features and also has some cool features like- customizable navigation, other app (instapaper, pocket, readability, CloudApp etc.) support, push notifications and more.

5. Konvert ( iPhone )- If you're looking for a full featured and beautiful unit-conversion app for your new iPhone, Konvert is for you. With Konvert you can convert currency, time, base, mass, area, length, data, angle, energy, speed, temperature, density, pressure, flow rate, volume, frequency, typography, radiation and more on your new iPhone easily.

6. Finish ( iPhone )- A great productivity app for you new iPhone.  If you're looking for a unique full featured and fully automated task management app for your iPhone, Finish is for you. With Finish, you can manage your tasks, to-dos, add notes and more very easily and quickly. Apart from its unique features, it also has a very clean and beautiful ui and now, it has been completely redesigned for new iOS and new iPhone.

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