6 Free and beautiful apps for iPhone & iPad 2018

Free and beautiful apps for iPhone & iPad

Here you can see 6 clean and beautiful apps for iPhone & iPad that are available on iOS App Store for free. These apps have beautiful and well-designed user interface and great features that make these apps very useful and joy to use in everyday life.

1. Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later ( iPhone + iPad )- Pocket is another very popular app, that has very clean and attractive user interface. Pocket is a very useful app in daily life that allows you allows you to save things for later, you can put articles, bookmarks, videos and more and read them later, even without an internet connection. Pocket also lets you directly save things from your web browser and other supported apps such as- Flipboard, Pulse, Zite and Twitter.

2. AroundMe ( iPhone )- A very well-designed iPhone app that lets you explore your surroundings with ease. With AroundMe apps you'll be able to find things around you such as- hotels & restaurants, banks, gas stations, theaters, hospitals, supermarkets, ATMs and more. This is very useful iPhone apps to find things around you.

3. Hipmunk Hotels & Flights ( iPhone + iPad )- Hipmunk is a very useful travel app for planning trips on your iPhone and iPad. With  Hipmunk, you can plan your trip, compare and book prices flights & hotels and easily from your iPhone or iPad. Hipmunk.com is one the most popular airfare comparison website on the Internet and this is the official iOS app of Hipmunk.com.

4. OpenTable ( iPhone )- OpenTable is a very clean and beautiful iOS app and if you live in the US, Canada, or Mexico, OpenTable could be very useful in your daily life. It helps you to find restaurants by price/location/cuisine/distance and it also lets you make reservations at more than 20,000 restaurants in United States, Maxico and Canada.

5. MyFitnessPal ( iPhone + iPad )- A very popular fitness app for iPhone and iPad that has clean ui and available for free on iOS App Store. This is one the best calorie counter app for iPhone and iPad. With this beautiful fitness iOS app, you can add multiple foods at once, save and add entire meals, and more. It comes with many useful features like barcode scanner, 3,000,000+ food database, recipe calculator and more.

6. TED ( iPhone + iPad )- This is one of most beautifully designed universal ios app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is the official iOS app of TED.com.

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