7 Best To Do Apps for iPhone & iPad 2018

Best To Do Apps for iPhone & iPad

Looking for the best to do apps for your iPhone and iPad? Here are the 7 best iOS to-do apps that can help you to organize your life.

1. Due - Reminders & Timers ( iPhone + iPad )- A very popular and useful to-to apps for iPhone and iPad. Features like- multiple task alerts, recurring reminders, built-in syncing, adding notes, shared lists and more make this beautiful app very useful, too. If you're searching for a beautiful+useful+powerful to-do app for your iPhone and iPad, this app is for you. This is a powerful and simple to use universal to do app for iPhone and iPad  that is actually a mixture of to-do app and task management app. It has a very elegant and clean UI and some cool features like- recurring  alerts, sync with other apps, copy/paste multiple items, to-do stream and more. A must-have app to keep your life organized.

2. Clear – Tasks & To-Do List ( iPhone + iPad )- If you're searching for a easy, fast and beautiful iPhone/iPad to-do app to simplify your life, you should use this app. Clear is known for its simplicity and elegance, it can be used for making to-do lists,  quick notes lists, shopping lists and more on your iPhone and iPad.

3. Toodledo - To Do List ( iPhone + iPad )- Another popular and effective to-to app for iOS users. This is a feature rich universal iOS to-do app that lets you make, manage, search, sync, share and backup your to-do lists. You can add tasks by voice and import from the Reminder app and also protect your to-do lists with a passcode.

4. 2Do: Tasks Done in Style ( iPhone + iPad )- If you're looking for a full-featured and powerful to do app for your iPhone or iPad, use 2Do. It comes with all the features you expect from an all-in-one universal and useful to-do app. Although 2Do has so many features that make it a full featured and very powerful iOS to-apps, but some of them are unique such as- sharing support (Reminders, Toodledo, Custom iCal Server, Yahoo! Calendar Tasks, Dropbox and more), separate password lock for individual lists, location based tasks created via Siri, backup/restore, voice notes, shared lists, batch operations, dynamic lists and more. The perfect to-do app for iPhone and iPad that makes your life simple.

5. Todoist: To-Do List | Task List ( iPhone + iPad )- A widely-used cross platform to-to app that comes with a very clean and beautiful user interface. This app also lets your save your to-do lists at todoist.com and sync on all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Chrome & Firefox or any web browser, Mac & PC and Email Clients- Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail). Todoist app is a very useful for the collaboration purpose, but, it is almost the perfect to do app for iPhone/iPad owners.

6. Wunderlist – To-Do & Task List ( iPhone + iPad )- Wunderlist is a great iOS to-do app that lets you make and manage your to do lists on your iPhone and iPad and share them with your friends and family. It is very simple to use but has all the features such as- sync, collaboration, notes, reminder etc. Wunderlist is a very useful iPhone/iPad to-to app helps you to get organized.

7. Any.DO Task & To-do List ( iPhone )- Well-known iPhone to-do app that remember things for you and remind you. Any.Do is the best example of the perfect to-do app, this functional and beautiful to-do app has a very sleek & super-easy to use UI, you don't need to learn how to use. This personal to-do app is very useful in daily life and can be used for making and managing to-to lists, planning something easily on your iPhone.

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