8 Best Professional Video Editing apps for iPhone 2018

Best Professional Video Editing apps for iPhone

Looking for pro-like video editing apps for iPhone and iPad? Do you want to see the list of the 8 best professional video editor apps for iOS devices? If your answer is "YES", see the best video editing apps list here.

1. Vizzywig 2017 - Video Editor 4K Multicamera Studio ( iPhone + iPad )- One of the best video editors available on iOS App Store. This is the app you actually need, if you're looking for the most powerful video editing app that can be used for professional quality video editing. And the best thing of Vizzywig is that it's very easy to use. You don't have to learn so much to edit videos. It has all the features, you want from a professional video editing application for your iPhone and iPad.

2. VideoGrade ( iPhone + iPad )- If you are looking for a solid and pro grade video editing app for your iPhone and iPad, choose VideoGrade. This is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad that come with very easy to use User Interface. This powerful video editing app comes with many filters and some cool features, such as- real time previews, clipping previews, color histograms, split modes etc.

3. Videocraft - Video Editor ( iPhone )- This is a full featured video editing app for iPhone. You find all the features you'll need to edit videos on you iPhone, such as- add songs, voice recording, slow/fast motion, add texts, reverse video clips, effect bars, blur etc. Videocraft allows you to easily edit videos on your iPhone instantly and export to camera roll, share on facebook, send via email or directly upload to YouTube.

4. LumaClip - Frame, rotate, reverse, speed ( iPhone + iPad )- If you want to easily rotate, reverse, rotate, resize your videos on your iPhone or iPad, download LumaClip app on your iOS devices. This is one of the most useful video editing apps for iPhone that lets you reverse, rotate, resize and change the speed of your videos quickly and easily on your Apple iPhone and iPad. With this app, you can easily and quickly change the speed of your videos and you can also reverse and rotate videos easily. 

5. iMovie ( iPhone + iPad )- A full featured video editing by Apple Inc for Apple's iDevices that is available on Apple's iOS App Stores ( you're thinking, how many "Apples", Right? ). If you buy a new iOS device, you can download iMovie for free to make Hollywood-style trailers ( with 14 trailer templates ) and edit your videos on your iPhone or iPad. iMovie has all the useful features wrapped in an easy to use interface that lets you edit videos easily. iMovie is one of the most powerful and effective professional video editing apps for iOS devices that support AirPlay. You use AirDrop, Mail and Messages apps to share your videos with your friends or directly publish on Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube.

6. Magisto - Magical Video Editor ( iPhone + iPad )- Magisto is the best pro video editing app on the app store that is available for free. It has in-app purchases and ultimately you have to pay, but, even though, this is one of the best professional video editors for iPhone and iPad. And if you looking for an video editing app that can automatically edit videos and photos and lets you share them instantly, Magisto is probably the best app for you. Because Magisto is a complete professional video editing app and has all the features that you expect from a full-featured video editor, such as- trimming  and editing videos, facial recognition detection, automatic editing, sharing on social networking sites and video sharing sites and via email, collaboration, recording using camera, video camera stabilization, effects, filters, and transitions and more.

7. Videolicious ( iPhone + iPad )- If you want to edit your videos effortlessly and quickly, you should try Videolicious. This app lets you quickly combine your videos, music, photos and stories into a movie. Unlike other video editing apps, you don't need to learn so much to use Videolicious, because, this powerful video editing app has a very easy to use UI that lets you edit your videos very easily on your iPhone and iPad.

8. SloPro - 1000fps Slow Motion Video ( iPhone + iPad )- Actually, this is not a full featured video editing app like iMovie or Vizzywig, but it's one of the best apps for shooting and live editing 60fps slo-mo videos on your iPhone or iPad. This powerful slo-mo video editing app allows you to capture and edit slow motion videos and share videos on YouTube and Facebook.

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