9 Best Office apps for iPad & iPhone 2018

Best Office apps for iPad and iPhone

Though, well-known as the best gadget for email, browsing and watching movies, the iPad is also gaining reputation as the most-popularly used device for business purposes. It can make things really convenient in your office. And, if you're looking for the best office apps for your iPad or iPhone, you are at the right place. Below are given 9 best office apps for iPad, that surely must be considered-

1. Polaris Office 5 ( iPhone + iPad ) - Polaris Office 5 is a great document editing app, amongst the best office apps for iPad, and is compatible with Microsoft Office. It is the best office solution for your iPad and iPhone. With it, you will easily be able to read e-mail attached files, manage files and much more. This app has a great presentation, and elegant yet simple design.

2. PrintCentral ( iPad ) - This is amongst the best office apps for iPads and allows you to print almost anything from almost anywhere. You do not need any additional software and yet can connect it to any wireless/WiFi printers. Using the app, you can store, view, and print files, PDFs, large documents, emails, photos, attachments, web pages, and contacts on your iPad.

3. GoodReader 4 ( iPhone + iPad ) - GoodReader is an amazing PDF reader app, and GoodReader 4 is its next generation. With this app, you can read almost anything on your iPad, maps, movies, pictures, book, and so on. The upgrade allows you to see previous pages with PDF page slider, and it also allows PDF page management and much more.

4. Documents ( iPhone + iPad ) - This is one of the best office apps for iPad, and allows you to enjoy complete document functionality on your iPads and iPhone. Using the app, you can manage and edit text, image files, and spreadsheet on your iPhone. You can use it offline as well as online. File transfer between your Dropbox, Google Docs, and iCloud accounts is also possible with Documents app.

5. Google Drive ( iPhone + iPad ) - With this app, all the files present in your drive including documents, photos and videos will be backed up safely, so you will never have to worry about losing them. You can easily access recent files and can invite anyone to edit, view, or simply leave comments on any of your folders and files. This is one of the best office apps for iPad, which you will surely enjoy.

6. Pages ( iPhone + iPad ) - This is the best office apps for iPad and the most amazing word processor for a mobile device that you might have ever seen. Pages help you create perfect resumes, documents, and reports in just few minutes. You can start by making use of the many available Apple-deigned templates or simply use a blank document and add images, text, shapes, and lots more with just few taps.

7. Microsoft Word for iPad ( iPad ) - This is amongst one of the best office apps for iPad and allows you to read your word documents free of cost. If you need to edit or credit then you have to get an Office 365 subscription. While creating or editing any document, be sure, it is going to look exactly the way you want on your phone, tablet, MAC and PC.

8. Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad ( iPad ) - You can show and view your PowerPoint presentations free of cost, but to edit and create you will need an Office 365 subscription. Your PowerPoint presentations are sure to look great, and when you create or edit your documents, be sure, they will look just the way you want on your tablet, phone, Mac and PC.

9. Document To Go Standard – Office Suite ( iPhone + iPad ) - With the help of this app, you can easily create, view and edit Microsoft Excel and Word files, and also view Adobe PDF and PowerPoint files on your iPad. This Office Suite app allows you to view .RTF files, Text, iWork, and much more. It has a modernized user interface and allows full screen document viewing.

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